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Cozumel makes the ideal snorkeling destination with year-round great weather, warm water, superb visibility, and vibrant marine life on top of a very colorful reef. We will do this at the Southern part of the island that is protected from the strong currents, although some spots offer a mild current where sometimes we can gently drift along the reef to enjoy a lazy and eventful session.

If you are looking for a unique snorkeling activity, we also organize day trips to the world famous cenotes on the mainland. Magical fresh water pools with historical importance to the Mayas

Palancar Gardens

One of the most popular spots for beginners and intermediate swimmers, also ideal for spending time with family in the water. Full of coral formations along the wall you will find groupers, angel

fish, and turtles feeding, just remember not to touch and keep your distance to not spoil them away when they go up or down to take a breath!

Colombia reef

Ideal for beginners due to the easy conditions, you will be impressed the moment you jump in the water at this beautiful bay, with different kinds of turtles, groupers, octopus, barracudas, and much more fish in this shallow water and colorful reef area. As a freediver this is an excellent spot to get some photos as the average depth is around 30ft/10m allowing an easy dive and long bottom time, this reef will leave you in awe and wanting to come back for more.

El cielo

It means “Heaven” in Spanish for a good reason, white sand bottom full of starfish and rays and beautiful blue water with insane visibility, with mostly waist level water El Cielo is ideal for kids and to enjoy a drink and admire the view and the colors of the water after a snorkeling session.


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