Discover Scuba Diving in Casa Cenote

Try diving in a cenote and the ocean. No experience necessary


If it’s your first time going underwater, this is the best course you can take. Theory & Practice: 1 dive in Casa Cenote + 1 extra dive in the ocean – all the practice you need for the chance to get PADI Scuba Diver Certified by adding just 250 USD extra for PADI theory. Casa Cenote is one of the best locations for beginners to try scuba diving and also explore the unique underwater cenote.

Casa Cenote – You dive under the mangroves, and you can see the halocline in this dive (salt water mixing with fresh water). It is one of the best locations for beginners to try scuba diving and also explore the unique underwater cenote.

Koox Adventures has some of the best dive instructors in Mexico. You’ll get all the personal attention and care you need to be comfortable enough during your first dive.

Starting price

154 US$/person


1:30 am – 4:30 pm


40ft / 12m



The most popular half day introduction into diving

Learn the essential skills and knowledge to be able to dive safely with your instructor

Your instructor will explain the basic rules and techniques for breathing and equalizing underwater, the hand signals to communicate efficiently, and show you how to use your scuba equipment. You will learn how to easily clear water from your regulator and mask in case you need to during your dive. You will learn more about the area which you would be exploring by diving and the importance of respecting the environment and protecting aquatic life, so you can enjoy the dive responsibly.
Confined Water training
Once the equipment is ready and your instructor has double-checked that everything works the way it should. You will learn how to enter the water, practice inflating your BCD (buoyancy control device) on the surface. And after that, when you feel ready, you will descend hand to hand with your instructor into shallow waters and practice these skills that your instructor will always demonstrate first:
Open Water Dives
All right! After completing the required skills, you have now earned the reward – your first scuba dive. You will now swim around close to your instructor and explore the area, getting a taste of what it is like to be a certified scuba diver, discovering the lack of gravity and the amazing feeling of breathing underwater!


10 years old


Please go through the medical questionnaire before enrolling in any course


After diving, wait 18 hours before taking a flight

  • 1 Dive in Casa Cenote with a PADI instructor
  • A chance for you to get PADI Scuba Diver Certified by just adding 280 USD extra for theory and exam
  • Free Full Dive Equipment Rental & Tanks included
  • PADI Certification documents
  • Cenote entrance fees
  • Transportation from the meeting point and back.
  • Photographer service (inquire for this service)
  • Swimming Gear
  • Towel
  • Sunscreen


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