Scuba Tank Filling Station


Koox Adventures Own Scuba Tank Fill Station

scuba tank filling station tulum
There is nothing more important for scuba divers than the air they breathe, that’s the reason why we are committed to offering to all our clients clean air without contamination, tanks in good condition and regular equipment checks. Remember scuba air quality is really important. Even a single drop of oil inside the tank can contaminate it. Our scuba tank filling machine is regularly maintained and all tanks are checked after filling.

The Scuba Air Compressor Station

Since Ko’ox started its operations 16 years ago, the objective has always been the same, to offer the best in all we do. That objective includes independence and we have achieved it. Having our own filling station provides us the security of always having tanks in good condition, air without contamination. We even provide these to other dive shops: they rely on us to refill their tanks.

Scuba Tanks Checks

Filling tanks is not an easy task. This is where diving starts. We constantly check our tanks for any kind of contamination, leaks, test the valves, and regularly examine our tanks visually and realize the hydrostatic tests.
At Koox Air Filling Station, We are happy to fill up your tanks with the blend you require and service them if you need to, so you can dive with confidence and peace of mind.

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