All you need to know about Contact Lenses and Saltwater/seawater

scuba diver

The sea and the swimming pool are places that we frequent very often during the summer season and certainly, we must take all the necessary precautions when we suffer from some specific pathology or when, in everyday life, we wear glasses or contact lenses for sight. We assume that contact lenses can safely be used […]

Tips How to Protect Your Hair from Saltwater and Sun

Haircare tips for the ocean

We all love spending a day at the seaside, scuba diving, snorkeling, or just relaxing hair underwater, except for one problem: hair. Saltwater together with the sun can in fact dehydrate your hair, lead to breakage and split ends and damage it, mostly scuba diving women’s hair. Fortunately, our scuba instructor and marine biologist Olimpia […]

Top 5 Playa del Carmen Local Bars to Go to after Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is probably the most popular activity in Playa del Carmen and most scuba divers enjoy sharing a beer with scuba buddies, sharing their stories, and replenishing their energy after a day of underwater adventures. A lot of customers usually ask us for some local recommendations on where to hang out. Let us introduce […]

Playa del Carmen to Tulum & Nearby – Transportation Options 2022

Playa del Carmen has become very famous lately because of its key location as a town between Tulum and Cancun. We will share with you some tips for getting around Playa del Carmen on the cheap. Learn how to use Playa del Carmen public transportation as locals do and get unique experiences. From Cancun Airport […]

Top Playa del Carmen Street Foods to Try

Want to try the best Mexican food while on your Playa Del Carmen beach vacation? Here’s our top local food spots guide compiled by our local Playa del Carmen team. We have made a special list of local restaurants and spots so you can start your culinary trip and try not only the best tacos […]

The Ultimate Food Guide for The Riviera Maya

mayan food guide main photo with tacos

We all know Mexico has one of the best cuisines of the world. Mexico is much more than tacos. Here, in this guide you will learn about the local dishes, some desserts and drinks you can find at the Riviera Maya. Consider that most dishes are made with corn. That is why Mexicans have earned […]