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Start Your Own Scuba Diving Business in Mexico WHY JOIN THE ADVENTURE? Do you love diving? Are you into adventure? Then you can start your own business with Ko’ox Diving & Adventure in your own piece of Mexican paradise.Scuba diving, exploring underwater caves, tours into the Mayan history and beautiful nature, swimming with whale sharks, […]

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COVID-19 Prevention & Measures

The best news of all is that you can’t catch the virus underwater! Anyways, there are always ways to keep everyone safe while still doing our favorite activities. What is Coronavirus? This virus is spread just like a normal cold or influenza as a person talks or coughs and it can survive on surfaces for […]

Koox Adventures Eco Policy: Sustainability & Preserving Nature

We live in a fast-paced consuming world, where we have the habit of using and throwing away! This general overconsumption and overexploitation of natural resources are destroying our planet. However, today we have the opportunity to make a change and be more mindful of the consequences of our behavior. We are opting for personal, social, […]

Scuba Equipment Quality & Maintenance

[content] Dive Equipment, Gear Set, Scuba Tank Fills, Vehicles and Maintenance Standards We all love diving, but a major part of the diving experience is the condition of the equipment you are using, isn’t it? Have you ever felt uncomfortable with the wetsuit you are wearing because it is ripped or patched? Have you wondered […]