Local drift & wall dives with top visibility & exclusive dive trips to the mainland

Island Adventures & Beyond

Despite being one of the greatest dive destinations in the wold, Cozumel is just a short ferry ride away from the mainland, where more world class adventures await. With Koox Adventures you have the chance to not only explore the local dive and snorkel sites around the island but also explore marine parks on the mainland such as Puerto Morelos, or the world famous cenotes (fresh water pools, caverns & caves with a mystic background) that turn the Yucatan Peninsula into a bucket list destination for divers and adventure seekers alike.
We also have marco fauna experiences on the mainland such as bull shark diving with no feeding (between November & March), whale shark snorkeling (between May & September) or night snorkeling or diving with crocodiles in one of our cenotes (all year round).
If you’ve made it all the way to the island, why not make the most out of the entire Yucatan Peninsula! What are you waiting for Koox! Let’s go!

Diving conditions in Cozumel

  • Best time to go ocean diving: December to May
  • Less crowded: May to September
  • Water temperature: Jan-March around 79°F(26°C) May-Nov around 83°F(28°C)
  • Visibility: Excellent all year round 75ft+ (25m+)
  • Great for: Colorful reef, Drift Diving, Nurse sharks, Eagle rays, Splendid Toadfish, Lobsters
  • Suitable for: both Open water & Advanced divers

Riviera Maya's Famous Ocean & Reef Dives

An extra reason to join the boat


Don't miss out!

Dive Mexico’s world famous cenotes from Cozumel in our all inclusive one day trips.

Bullshark Dive

Meet these majestic creatures

By far a diver’s highlight. Join our no feeding, bull shark dive on Playa.

MUSA (the underwater Museum)

An Artistic Underwater Experience

Dive the museum that has turned into an impressive reef with abundant sea life. A great dive & snorkel for everyone


Reefs, cenotes, whale sharks and an underwater Museum

Sometimes you do not need to go underwater to experience the underwater magic.


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