Explore – Cozumel & the Second Largest Coral Reef in the World

The name comes from the ancient Mayan language and it means “land of the swallows”, this easy to get to island in the Mexican Caribbean offers something for everybody, from challenging scuba and freediving sites to relaxed snorkeling bays and wild beaches, from  ATV or jeep tours to beach clubs or even cooking lessons for those looking for a more cultural experience.

Your Cozumel Adventure Highlights

Scuba Diving

Diving conditions in Cozumel

  • Best time to go ocean diving: December to May
  • Less crowded: May to September
  • Water temperature: Jan-March around 79°F(26°C) May-Nov around 83°F(28°C)
  • Visibility: Excellent all year round 75ft+ (25m+)
  • Great for: Colorful reef, Drift Diving, Nurse sharks, Eagle rays, Splendid Toadfish, Lobsters
  • Suitable for: both Open water & Advanced divers


Cozumel Reef Tours Prices in USD Tour Duration Get this tour
Cozumel Reef – 2 Dives from Cozumel $124 8am – 12pm Book Now
PADI Discover Scuba Diving – 2 Dives Cozumel reef $164 10am – 2pm Book Now
PADI Open Water 4-5 Checkout Dives from Cozumel $554 3 days Book Now
Cozumel Reef – 2 Dives from Tulum $274 6:30am – 4pm Book Now
Cozumel Reef – 2 Dives from Playa del Carmen $204 6:30am – 4pm Book Now
Cozumel Reef – 2 Dives from Cancun $284 6:30am – 4pm Book Now

Price Includes:

  • 2 Dives – 40 mins each
  • Full dive equipment set rental
  • Free GoPro & Video lights rental
  • Cozumel reef entrance fee
  • Dive master instructor
  • Refreshing Drinks & Lunch
  • Transportation from our dive shop in Playa, Cancun or Tulum and back
  • Open water certification or equivalent is required.


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Cozumel is considered as one of the greatest Scuba diving destinations in the world for a good reason, being part of the mesoamerican barrier reef, the second largest barrier reef system in the world and declared marine protected area since 1996, along jaw-dropping visibility is home to a huge variety of corals and vibrant marine life. Featuring dive sites from beginners to advanced we will drift along some massive coral walls, swim through colorful formations while getting close to some sharks, eagle rays, oversized lobsters and get to see the Splendid toadfish which is a Cozumel’s exclusive.

Columbia Deep

Columbia Wall is probably best known for the wonderful coral formations which can be found here. But at the deepest part of the reef, furthest out from shore, you will find nurse sharks, barracuda, sea turtles, and eagle rays amongst the coral. At its end, the wall simply drops away into the deep depths of the ocean.

Barracuda Reef

The eponymous marine wildlife species for which this reef is named is far from all that you will find here. Barracuda Reef is situated off the northwestern edge of the island and definitely qualifies as an advanced dive location because of its strong currents.

Palancar Reef, Caves and Gardens

The exciting swim-throughs and tunnels of Palancar Reef mark it as one of the prime spots to dive around Cozumel. There are actually several different parts of this reef. Palancar Gardens is one of the best spots, no matter your skill level as a diver. The currents are rarely stronger than mild and there are many quieter sections, sheltered enough to play home to a huge range of wildlife, from black coral to angelfish, from butterflyfish to stovepipe sponges.

Palancar Caves offers you many tunnels forming a kind of labyrinth which, while somewhat quieter on the wildlife front, will lead you to all kinds of interesting discoveries.

The C-53 artificial reef

This old ship used to be a minesweeper, deliberately sunk in 1999 to form the start of an artificial reef. It offers something a little different from your usual dive at Cozumel, well worth taking the time to see. Protected from the current, this 1944 american boat It’s 154ft(56m) long, 33ft(10m) wide, and landed perfectly upright on the seabed at 80ft(24m). The top of the ship goes up to 40ft(12m) allowing easy access to divers to reach the superstructure of the wreck.

Punta Sur

One of the must-do dives for the Advanced Open Water Divers that visit Cozumel, requires good buoyancy control and good air consumption. Here you can swim through fascinating coral tunnels and caves – including the “Cathedral Chamber”, a huge coral cavern lit by the sunlight above – or go through the “Devil’s Throat” if you fancy taking a different direction in your dive. Massive decorated walls that go down to 150tf(50m).

But there are also many other locations to choose from, with Paso Del Cedral, Chankanaab Reef, and the brilliant drift dives across Santa Rosa Wall all being highly recommended. Plus, if you’re visiting Mexico and you haven’t already planned to dive into any of the unique cenotes which can be found on the Yucatan Peninsula, it’s time to make some additions to your to-do list! Cozumel has some amazing sights to see. But it’s just a small part of all the adventures that the Mexican Caribbean has to offer.


Cozumel makes the ideal snorkeling destination with year-round great weather, warm water, superb visibility, and vibrant marine life on top of a very colorful reef. We will do this at the Southern part of the island that is protected from the strong currents, altho some spots offer a mild current where sometimes we can gently drift along the reef to enjoy a lazy and eventful session.

Palancar Gardens

One of the most popular spots for beginners and intermediate swimmers, also ideal for spending time with family in the water. Full of coral formations along the wall you will find groupers, angelfish, and turtles feeding, just remember not to touch and keep your distance to not spoil them away when they go up or down to take a breath!

Colombia reef

Ideal for beginners due to the easy conditions, you will be impressed the moment you jump in the water at this beautiful bay, with different kinds of turtles, groupers, octopus, barracudas, and much more fish in this shallow water and colorful reef area. As a freediver this is an excellent spot to get some photos as the average depth is around 30ft/10m allowing an easy dive and long bottom time, this reef will leave you in awe and wanting to come back for more.

El cielo

It means “Heaven” in Spanish for a good reason, white sand bottom full of starfish and rays and beautiful blue water with insane visibility, with mostly waist level water El Cielo is ideal for kids and to enjoy a drink and admire the view and the colors of the water after a snorkeling session.

Pueblo del maíz

It is an activity that began recently to invite locals and visitors to learn a little more about the ancestors that inhabited the island.
The activity is ideal for those who want to know more about the culture that inhabited these regions, you can understand the importance of nature for this culture and in turn learn the process of making chewing gum, chocolate, tortilla, among other types of food products and everyday use. You will have the opportunity to prepare your food by hand to savor it.
Finally, you will know the importance of the melipona bee, the extraction of textile fibers, the cocoa tree and the feather of animals used for offerings and costumes.

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