Coba Ruins and Punta Laguna

Eco Day Tour, with Ruins & Wildlife


Coba or Cob Ha—dar means abundant water – it is an ancient Mayan center, home to the tallest and oldest Mayan pyramid in Mexico, located between 5 lagoons. On this Coba Ruins guided tour we’ll take a bike ride along the 2km between the site entrance and the Nohoch Mul pyramid, passing through different interesting points inside the Archaeological complex.
Punta Laguna is one of the biggest lagoons in Riviera Maya part of the protected zones of the Yucatan Peninsula. It is mainly dedicated to the investigation and preservation of primates such as spider monkeys and howler monkeys and other protected species, such as jaguars. This cultural tour focuses on raising awareness of conservation programs inside the spider monkey reserve inside known as Otoch Maax yetel Coh — the house of the monkey and the puma.
Cenote Las Calaveras (Skulls cenote) is unique as it holds the world largest aquatic grave. The ancient Mayas used the cenote as a cemetery and sacred human sacrifice spot. Divers and archaeologists have discovered more than 100 human skulls and skeletons. Visitors part of this small group tour can snorkel or dive in Las Calaveras.
Then, we’ll walk through a perfect exotic path in Punta Laguna to admire free-roaming spider monkeys, crocodiles, pumas, coati, tropical birds. Then you grab a canoe and paddle across the lagoon until you reach the point where you’ll be doing a 300m long zip-line over the water through the jungle. In another path, we walk up to the cenote, after a sacred Mayan ceremony to ask for permission to enter the sacred compound.

Starting price

184 US$/Person


8:15am – 4pm


Min 2 people / Guide

A little bit of everything

Ruins, wildlife watching, cenote swimming, adrenaline zip-lines and sacred ceremonies.

  • 7:00am: Early morning meetup at our dive center
  • 8:15am: Arrival to Coba ruins for guided tour
  • 9:45am: Punta laguna wildlife watching & canoe ride with zip-line at the end
  • 12:30pm: Lunch break
  • 1:30pm: Arrival to cenote Calavera for snorkel and swimming
  • 3:30pm: Arrival back to dive center
  • Round-trip – transportation in a comfortable air-conditioned car;
  • All entrance fees to the sites;
  • Guide speaking English, Spanish and Maya;
  • Guided tour with all the curious archaeological facts;
  • All equipment needed – wetsuits, snorkels, zip line fee, canoe, etc;
  • Swimming in the cenote Las Calaveras;
  • Refreshing drinks, water, light snacks;
  • Typical Mayan lunch in a restaurant in Coba;
  • Free GoPro rental – upon request – please let us know so that we can charge it
  • Photographer service
  • Alcohol
  • Swimming Gear
  • Towel
  • Sunscreen


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