Koox Adventures Eco Policy: Sustainability & Preserving Nature

We live in a fast-paced consuming world, where we have the habit of using and throwing away! This general overconsumption and overexploitation of natural resources are destroying our planet. However, today we have the opportunity to make a change and be more mindful of the consequences of our behavior. We are opting for personal, social, and economical development without compromising our environment, but protecting it instead.

Small Daily Acts Towards a Bigger Change

In Ko’ox Adventures we are joining the environmental movement. We think that doing a little daily is what really matters. It is known that small actions generate big changes. The Ko’ox team is made of committed people, aware that what we love the most, NATURE, needs our protection.
We are committed to the next generations, the future of our species, the future of our society, and the future of our Planet! We want to continue diving in amazing reefs, to continue enjoying amazing landscapes and wildlife. Who isn’t in love with whale sharks or bull sharks or big manta rays? Who is not surprised to see a coral full of life and colors?
We are worried about the negative impact that, we as a human race, have on the planet and we want to help save our brothers and sisters from other species. Global warming is affecting all of us, everything, everywhere. Water temperatures are rising and damaging marine life and causing troubles. It is our responsibility to stop it, it is our personal responsibility to change and we still have time to do it.

What We  Do in Koox Adventures to Help Protect Nature

Join the change for the earth, for life! We’d like to share with you the actions that we do every day at the company and on every tour, contributing our little grain of sand to the great changes that you, us, and everybody is generating as a community.

Plastic-Free Tours

Most of the plastic thrown away ends up in the ocean because it is very light and the water drags it. It can travel huge distances, polluting various parts, as we mentioned earlier, it can be found inside the stomach of marine life or it can sink to the bottom of the ocean. Plastic has been already discovered at great depths: more than 6 miles deep in the ocean (Greenpeace.org). Plastic takes hundreds of years to degrade and it depends on the type of plastic and the conditions that it is exposed to. But one thing is sure: marine life is seriously affected.

Each year 100,000 birds and 100,000 sea mammals die because of plastic. 20% of the fishes inhabiting the coastal zones of Mexico do have microplastic in their entrails – especially

  • Red Snapper
  • Snapper
  • Mere (Greenpeace.org)

A 2019 study says that the Sian Ka’an Biosphere was denounced by a high level of pollution in its marine (reefs, seagrass) and terrestrial (beaches, mangroves, and jungles) ecosystems.

The Ko’ox team is taking environmental action daily – here is how:

  • In all our shops we have drinking water dispensers where you can refill your reusable bottle. Did you forget your bottle? Or you don’t have one? You will find our Koox bottles with our name on them, that will go along with you at the tours and for a long period of time. Also on our day tours, we offer you soda drinks from reusable glass bottles.
  • No plastic or Unicel containers: the delicious light meals that we have for you are free from these if it is necessary we will bring our reusable containers.
  • No plastic bags.

Preserving Nature in All Possible Ways

Please come with NO chemicals on your body such as sunscreen, repellents, hair gel, etc. Even biodegradables are not safe for clear waters and fragile marine life. We will always recommend you avoid using any kind of sunscreen or lotions, to protect your skin from the sun we’d provide a wetsuit for you. If you need sun protection while on a tour, you can simply wear long sleeves, a cap, etc. This is really important for the conservation of our diving and snorkeling environments. In case you forget your sun-protective wear or cap, we have really good hats, caps, and shirts in all our shops

Respect Nature and WildLife

Take Nothing But Memories, Leave Nothing but Bubbles


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