Advanced Open Water Diver Course

Diving deeper in your diver Knowledge


Are you ready to become a better diver and gain tons of knowledge, comfort, and confidence underwater?
On this course, you will unlock deeper dives, a better understanding of the marine environment and yourself in the water. You will be adding amazing adventures to your dive log like deep, buoyancy, wreck, night, nitrox, navigation, fish ID, and many more. Advanced open water diver course includes less theory and more action. We are going to teach you tons of new things like the effects of gas narcosis and how to plan and execute deep dives down to 100ft (30m) safely.

Starting price

534 US$/person


2-3 days


100ft / 30m



5 dive,s 5 new adventreus

Open the door to new areas of diving

Your adventure begins with the E-learning materials that you can read anywhere on your phone or computer. We will help you choose the 5 chapters that you need to read before diving with us (the e-learning materials are already included in the price of the course). The theory covers different aspects of diving like Deep (compulsory), Navigation (compulsory), Peak Performance Buoyancy, Fish ID, Night diving, Wreck Diving, Underwater naturalist, and many more. Please mind that depending on the dive location, some of the dives won’t be available. There are no theory exams for this course, you will go through the Elearning material and discuss it with your instructor, then you will apply these concepts underwater.
Confined Water training
There is no skill training necessary in a pool or pool-like atmosphere for the advanced course, however, if it has been a while since your last dive, we can organize a refresher & a check dive to make sure all your skills are prefect and you are feeling comfortable and ready for the course.
Open Water Dives
During these 5 adventures dives, you will progress on your dive planning and execution and you will get a taste of new things that you can do underwater.There are more than 25 adventure dives to choose from and every dive you do for your Advanced Open Water counts towards the respective specialty, so if you really like diving on Nitrox, for instance, you can get that specialty easily after the course or even during the course!




Please go through the medical questionnaire before enrolling in any course


After diving, wait 18 hours before taking a flight

Our courses are all-inclusive, this means that on top of the theory materials and the certification fees covered, we also include a full set of top quality brand and well-maintained scuba diving equipment. Here is the diving equipment list in case you wish to bring your own:

  • Mask and snorkel
  • Dive computer
  • Boots and fins
  • BCD (buoyancy control device)
  • Regulator set
  • Wetsuit
  • Compass
  • Dive Lights
  • GoPro camera
  • Surface Marker Buoy
  • Transport
  • Lunch
  • Cenote/marine park fees
  • Camera fee (cameras have a special tax per cenote)
  • Towel
  • Swimming gear
  • Sun protection


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