Open Water Diver Course


Open Water Diver Course

Becoming a certified Open Water Diver opens up an entirely new world for you, imagine yourself swimming underwater surrounded by colorful corals and lots of fish, rays, and even sharks. With this course, you will learn how to assemble, check, and use scuba equipment and many skills underwater that will make you a safe and confident diver and you will be licensed to go diving anywhere in the world to a maximum depth of 60ft (18m).

Open Water Courses Prices in USD Duration Get this course
PADI Open Water – 4-5 Checkout Dives from Tulum $564 2-3 days Book Now
PADI Open Water 4-5 Checkout Dives + 2 Dives in Dos Ojos from Tulum $684 4 days Book Now
PADI Open Water + Advanced Open Water Package from Tulum $998 7 days Book Now
PADI Open Water – 4-5 Checkout Dives from Playa $554 2-3 days Book Now
PADI Open Water + Advanced Open Water Package from Playa $958 7 days Book Now
PADI Open Water – 4-5 Checkout Dives from Cancun $574 2-3 days Book Now
PADI Open Water + Advanced Open Water Package from Cancun $998 7 days Book Now

If you have already started part of your Open Water course and just want to have your last 2 or 4 checkout dives – feel free to contact us for a Referral course, too.

Open water certification – Steps

The full course takes around 3 days to be completed, there are 3 modules: theory, confined water sessions, and open water dives.
We strongly recommend that you cover the theory part at home prior to your trip, so you can fully focus on the diving part when we meet and you can enjoy the rest of your day relaxing on your holidays. Our instructors will always check on the theory to make sure that you don’t miss anything!

1. Dive theory:

Your adventure begins at home with the Elearning materials that we will Email to you (the elearning materials are included in the total course price). The theory covers different aspects of diving like: equipment, physiology, dive planning, common problems, etc… And each chapter has some quizzes for you and there is a final exam to do as well. This is also a good time to watch skills videos as we are going to be practicing a lot next!

2. Confined water dives:

All the skills that you are going to learn in this course and you already saw in the theory part, are practiced first in confined water: in a swimming pool, off a calm beach, or in a shallow open water cenote. We combine these sessions so you can gain confidence faster and master the required skills easily.

3. Open water dives:

So you’ve finished your confined water dives, and now it’s time to take a step further and explore the underwater world in its full glory and majesty – swimming with fish, turtles, and everything the sea has to offer. Your instructor will always be by your side to assist and guide you through these 4 full dives! Once completed successfully, you will be an Open Water Diver. Congratulations! You can now dive anywhere in the world.

Documentation and requirements for taking this course

The minimum age is 10 years old
You must be “fit to dive” and fill a Medical statement (PADI medical statement PDF ). If you are unsure about your fitness to dive please see your physician in order to start the course.

What scuba diving equipment do I need for the course?
Our courses are all-inclusive, this means that on top of the theory materials and the certification fees covered, we also include a full set of top quality brand and well-maintained equipment for your course. Here is the diving equipment list in case that you wish to bring your own:

  • Mask and snorkel
  • Dive computer
  • Boots and fins
  • BCD (buoyancy control device)
  • Regulator set
  • Wetsuit