Scuba Diving Online Video Class

Scuba Diving Class Online

Do you need help with your theory for any of the courses we offer? Would you like to get some tips on the diving theory that you just learned? Are you nervous about getting back in the water and need a refresher on the basics and on how to set up your equipment?

We offer 1-on-1 online scuba diving classes via Zoom Meetings with a Dive Instructor to help you with your course and add some real-life scenarios for you to apply the theory on your future dives.

Enhance your E-Learning, refresh your knowledge about equipment, remove the stress factor and gain confidence at home before your trip and get the most out of your holidays.

How we organize it:

Select date and time(this may vary depending on location)
Specify on the topic that you would like to discuss with your Dive professional
Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy a friendly chat with your future instructor

Price includes:

1 hour private video call with an instructor via Zoom meetings
1 follow up Email to clarify any doubts that might pop up after the class