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Do you love diving? Are you into adventure? Then you can start your own business with Ko’ox Diving & Adventure in your own piece of Mexican paradise.Scuba diving, exploring underwater caves, tours into the Mayan history and beautiful nature, swimming with whale sharks, diving with Bull sharks, we have all the adventure you need. Koóx! = Let’s Go!

Koox Diving & Adventure is recognized worldwide as one of the leading dive training & practice locations, both in scuba & tech diving. It is one of the longest running dive shops in Tulum, and now also in Playa.

Ko’ox Diving & Adventure is owned and led by one of the most enthusiastic and skilled divers in the world – Jesus Guzman Diaz – Chucho. He has been exploring the cenotes in Riviera Maya for more than 18 years now. He has helped in the mapping for some of the newly discovered ones. He’s among the few Cave Diving  and tech instructors in Yucatan and Quintana Roo. Chucho’s main approach to dive courses is to make sure: all dive courses and training programs are individually paced and adapted to the personal needs of every student. Do you support this? Then maybe being a dive shop owner is the right thing to do. 

Why Start a Dive Shop in Mexico?

Travel and tourism industry is one of the fastest growing. Holiday goers are more and more willing to invest in experiences and adventures.

Scuba diving is one of the most popular recreational sports worldwide.
More and more people are getting dive certified each year. PADI, which is the biggest dive certification organization in the world reports about a 1,000,000 dive certifications issued every year. Just imagine, all these people are your potential customers, for real.

Mexico has a strong economy with a GDP that ranks 15th globally. According to Forbes: “It  can be easier to start a business in Mexico” than in the US. The nature in the country is so spectacular: the second largest coral reef in the world Cozumel, lagoons, warm sea water almost all year long. Cenotes are what makes millions of divers flock to Riviera Maya and dive in the clearest water in the world and also part of the longest underwater cave system in the world – Sac Aktun. Visibility is up to 100m with incredible cave formations to admire. And the wildlife, preserved in its natural habitat, is the best way to get close to the nature, as it should be, pristine.

Ko’ox Diving is already well-established in Tulum and Playa del Carmen. We operate our own Air tank filling station in Tulum. Where are we going next? – It’s your call.

Ko’ox Adventures is One of the Most Popular Dive Centers in Mexico

We’ve invested a lot of our time and efforts to build spectacular online presence:

  • Instagram – more than 30.800 active followers
  • Facebook – 5,000 lovely likes
  • TripAdvisor – 99% of our clients give us 5 star reviews
  • We have partnered with Expedition Drenched, Girls That Scuba, Fearless & Far, Mermaid Kat and many more world-known adventurers & dive professionals.
We love what we do and we are happy only when our clients are happy. That’s what gets us going. When you join Ko’ox Adventures you join a family – we help each other, we help the local community with supplies, we take care of the beaches, reefs and respect nature. It’s a full commitment.
Chucho Guzmán
Koox Adventures Owner


  • Welcome more dive shops under our brand name around the world.
  • Lead by example for preserving the fragile natural environment: the reefs, the oceans, the marine life
  • Avoid using plastic in our operations.
  • Encourage clients to use proper clothing rather than sunscreen products, especially when visiting cenotes and natural reserves.
  • Provide a 5-star service and dive training

Partner Center Benefits


We posses a database of loyal, returning customers that will be interested in reliving the Koox experience in your location of interest.


We have a professional, experienced marketing and sales team to help make your experiences reach your audience.


We will not leave you on your own. You will always Access our staff dive training programs be a part of our projects and trips to make sure you have the freshest products services to offer your clients.


We understand that you might have personal needs or concerns regarding your partner center. We are always interested in hearing you out to make sure you can reach your goals.



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